Tour de Scooter logoWe are Haines, Alaska’s scooter rental service.

If you’re planning to visit Haines, we offer the most unique, relaxing, fun, and efficient way of experiencing all the sights!

Quicker than walking, more relaxing than biking, more affordable than renting a car, Tour de Scooter wants you to see the nooks and crannies you might not see any other way.



That’s right! Pan for gold like a real Alaskan Prospector!
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Ok, Carry On…
Nestled amongst the Chilkat Valley Mountain range in the Tongus National Forest, we think you’ll agree, Haines Alaska is the gem of Southeast Alaska!

Dubbed the Adventure Capital of Alaska, we want you to experience why!
Haines has something for everyone, without the crowds, and our scooters will give you the opportunity to see how true that is.

You’ll be passing right by; why not stop at the cannery on your way to the Chilkat State Park?
Try heading North and experience one of the most serene lakes in the world at the Chilkoot State Park.
Maybe you’re looking to take a ride out to a trailhead and go for an afternoon hike?
We have options for that! Try scooting out to the Battery Point trailhead, or perhaps the Mount Riley Trailhead, or for the more adventurous, Mount Ripinsky!
Maybe you’d just like to play it close to the vest? Stay in town and pop by all the stores and restaurants Haines has to offer, and with a scooter, have enough time to do so! We have hourly and daily rental options.Tour de Scooter logo white

Any way you want to see it, Tour de Scooter has the experience you and your friends and family won’t ever forget.

Don’t miss out on the epic stories you’ll be able to tell!
Come see what everyone else is missing!

Call or e-mail us through the “Contact Us” portion of this site and schedule your adventure today!
Or just drop by!