Haines, Alaska holds a very special place in many people’s hearts. I know it does in mine.

In the Summer of 2013, my family and I traveled from Houston, Texas by truck and RV to visit the great state of Alaska.
Little did I know that a short stop-over in the small, tucked away town of Haines would captivate me the way it did. I vowed to make it back the following Summer, and I did. I spent the Summer of 2014 amongst the towering mountains and rushing streams of arguably the most serene place on Earth.
2015 brings a new adventure in Haines, Alaska for me and hopefully you… Tour de Scooter!

Tour de Scooter was born out of a sense of longing to share the sights and sounds that had taken 2 years (and a budget I wasn’t ready to acknowledge) to experience. I needed to bring a unique mode of transportation to Haines for the wide-eyed visitors that want to see the nooks and crannies Haines has to offer, that all-too-often get missed due to time, budget, or maybe health constraints.
There were a good number of people I saw missing out on experiencing places such as the Chilkat State Park, a place where they could look out over the awe-inispiring Chilkat Mountain Range and Davidson Glacier, and feel the rush of the Southerly breeze funneling up through the fjords.
Perhaps on their way, they might like to stop by the Haines Packing Co. to stock up on Salmon jerky and watch the fishing boats come and go, or see the day’s catch come through their facilities?

It was an idea I knew would give visitors the time to see it all, or at least as much as humanly possible without becoming a resident.
They could start by visiting the parks in the morning, then the restaurants and shops in the afternoon, maybe see the bears in the evening, and be back to where they needed to be by sunset.

After a summer of watching visitors experiencing only a fraction of what the great Alaskan town of Haines has to offer, it was a no-brainer. I would take the winter of 2014 – 2015, start a company, and bring scooter rentals to Haines in an attempt to affordably offer all I knew it had, to everyone once like me.

Haines Temp Chart